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Olivia Rose The Label – Feeling Paris from the UK

Olivia Rose The Label - Feeling Paris from the UK

A sustainable brand from the UK, Olivia Rose draws inspiration from her grandmother who taught her how to stitch. Every product of hers is hand-made. There is a sense of romanticism that is at play with her apparels. Her dresses are dreamy and take you away on a rosy date in the rues of Paris. The lovely textured shirring, puffed sleeves, sweetheart necklines and bodices add life to her clothes. 

Olivia Rose locally sources her materials within the UK, as that where her brand is based. She hand-stitches all her items as per customer’s requirements and measurements. By ensuring zero waste, hand-stitching, and zero overproduction, Olivia Rose is one of the most sustainable brands available today. 

Olivia Rose – The Label is a one woman show.

Every item is completely designed and handmade to order by Olivia Rose in her studio in Edinburgh. Her process includes everything from designing and fabric sourcing to sending of each individual item, along with its own personal hand written note. Most of her pieces take around 4 to 6 hours to be made. She says that she can only accept a limited number of orders at any one time, as sewing takes a lot of love, time and patience. No items are ever pre-made and there is never an excess of stock. Olivia Rose sources and purchases all her fabrics locally in the UK in small quantities, only ever ordering what is required. 

Olivia Rose has truly redefined luxury customised tailoring with next-to-zero wastage. Is she defining the future of luxury? Only time will tell. 

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