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Alighieri – Inspired by The Divine Comedy


Inspired by the Italian poet Dante Alighieiri, Rosh Mahtani started her brand Alighieri. Each piece of hers is taken from the 100 cantos of The Divine Comedy. An artist is someone who can weave and tell a story that inspires his/her audience. Mahtani has redefined fine jewelry as cool by imbibing sustainability and her deep spiritual philosophy into her designs. Inferno, Purgotario and Paradiso i.e. Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. Drawing her inspiration from the three concepts stated earlier, Mahtani imagined mythical creatures and terrifying demons wrapped up in gold roaming around in scraggy landscapes. One can see this clearly in her new collection that took place in a 600 year old crypt in Central London. Each piece of the collection is made with ambiguity, melancholy and imperfection; the beauty lies in these characteristics. 

Nurture love in our modern day wasteland

Handcrafting, local sourcing and local production are values that Mahtani started Alighieri with. Each piece of jewelry is crafted carefully by hand in the six streets surrounding the main studio in Central London. Cookson Gold, certified members of the Responsible Jewelry Council, supply the gold and silver that is used to plate the raw bronze jewelry. Just Castings, a family run business, cast and plate the jewelry. The assembling and final touches are done by the Alighieri in their studio.
Alighieri ensures the usage of recycled bronze to make their products. Reusing is also a big part of their manufacturing process. Any left-over material from castings is further used in making the next Alighieri-piece. 

We believe that her motivation, passion and perseverance led her to gain the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. The humble and kindred spirit of the brand did not vanish after this commemoration. Alighieri has strived to give back to the society for almost every collection. During the pandemic, a partnership with Trussell Trust, a charity that supports food banks in the UK, resulted in Alighieri donating 20% of their sales. Rosh Mahtani’s efforts to make Alighieri completely sustainable inspire us to engage in sustainability and make it our lifestyle. We can’t wait to see what Alighieri does next!

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