Terms & Conditions

THESE MASTER TERMS AND CONDITIONS (“MTCs“) apply to all service orders, service tickets, work orders, service level agreements, and other contracts, agreements and invoices (collectively, the “Instruments“) between Open Text Inc. (collectively, “Open Text“) and any customer (the “Customer”) specifically identified in an Instrument that is signed by both Open Text and the Customer, to the extent that these MTCs are expressly incorporated by reference in any such Instrument. These MTCs are governed by and subject to Open Text’s Acceptable Use Policy, and which is hereby incorporated by reference. Open Text may modify its Acceptable Use Policy from time to time in its sole discretion as provided herein. By using the Services (as defined herein) from Open Text, Customer agrees to be bound by Open Text’s Acceptable Use Policy.

  1. Agreement
    These MTCs, together with each applicable service order (each, a “Service Order“) pursuant to which the Customer orders one or more services from Open Text and any other Instruments and other documents incorporated by reference herein or in any Service Order or Instrument (including, without limitation, Open Text’s Acceptable Use Policy), are collectively referred to as the “Agreement“.